10 Gorgeous Art Deco Buildings Better Than Anything Gotham City Dreamed Up

Skyscrapers, churches, cemeteries, gas stations—is there anything Art Deco can’t make glamorous?

The Art Deco style may have started in 1920s Paris, but it’s spent the better part of a century influencing designers and architects around the world. It’s a style that conveys both glamour and opulence with its bold colors and ornate details. Yet its quintessential sleekness imbues it with inherent modernity—always looking forward even as it connects us to a bygone age. These 10 structures capture everything that is humbling, inspiring, and aesthetically nourishing about the Art Deco style.

7 Ways Travel MUST Change After Coronavirus

COVID-19 has caused a major upheaval in the travel industry. Maybe that’s exactly what it needs.

In just a few short months, the $2.9 trillion tourism industry has ground to a halt. But just because the industry is not at fault for the interruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean it’s entirely guilt-free. The encroachment of people on once pristine habitats, the exploitation of wild animals, and the unmitigated growth of global travel—factors at the root of COVID-19—are problems the tourism industry has been grappling with for years, too. So while the pandemic has brought the tourism industry to its knees, it also presents a unique opportunity. For the first time, the wheel has stopped spinning. The tourism industry that existed before the pandemic is gone. Now is the chance for destinations and travelers alike to decide if we really want things to go back to how they were before. Now is the time to hit the reset button—here’s how we’d like to do it.

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Tokyo From the Comfort of Your Home

Bring the food, culture, and even the nightlife of Japan’s capital home.

There’s a reason that Tokyo ranks somewhere on just about everyone’s bucket list. The food. The legendary nightlife. The rich history and culture. Did we mention the food? But in an age where we can’t travel further than our local grocery store, with a little ingenuity and a good internet connection, we can still experience a little bit of Tokyo in our home.   RELATED STORY 25 Ultimate Things to Do in Japan  

8 Ways Your Hotel Stay Will Be Different Post-Pandemic

The unexpected marriage of hospitality and social distancing.

The new coronavirus is changing everything about how we live in the short-term, and maybe forever too. Travel won’t end, thank goodness—as Ariela Kiradjian, co-founder and COO of the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association, says “Travel is what brings our world together, it is how we learn about other cultures and is an important part in people’s lives.” But even though travel will resume, we should not plan for it to look the same. Here’s what to expect in the hotel world.

The Sneakiest, Dumbest, and Craziest Art Heists in History

We all love a good heist.

Not only does a good heist involve disguises and gadgets and danger, but it’s also a monument to logistical planning–it’s a herculean task to get more than three people together for drinks, much less giving them all jobs like Safe-Cracker and Drive Guy and The Puncher. And no heist is crazier than an art heist because it’s like organizing a SWAT team to steal a Garfield comic strip. Here are 10 of the wildest art heists in history.

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